At Saffron Hospitality Solutions  

Crockery – Set your table with your style Bone china is a type of Ceramic body first developed in Britain and it is characterized by high whiteness, translucency and strength. Production usually involves a two stage firing where the first, bisque, is without a glaze . From breakfast cereals to candlelit dinners, our wide choice of dinnerware has everything covered. It combines practicality with style, so your table always has your personal touch. And even candlelit dinners taste better when you know you can pop the plates in the dishwasher afterwards.

Glassware – A Glass for Every Occasion Whatever you’re drinking, we have the glassware to suit it. Our glasses and jugs give you a big choice of styles and patterns. From breakfast to birthday parties, they’ll help you set the mood and make every occasion more personal.

Equipments – We build Master Piece – Not just a kitchen All types of Equipments are available Bakery Equipments, Commercial Refrigeration , Cooking Equipments , Equipment Accessories, Holding and warming equipments, Ice Machines, Prep Equipments, Ranges and Stoves, Steam Equipments, All types of Kitchen Tools and Gadgets.

Cutlery – Style at your Finger Tips Cutlery does a lot for the overall look of your table setting, adding more atmosphere and enjoyment to every meal. Saffron comes in different styles, no matter the occasion.